Cash Bar

We bring everything you need!

  • The caravan
  • The drinks
  • The staff
  • All the relevant licensing.
  • Glassware & sundries

We will work with you to create a drinks menu bespoke to your event. If you have any special requests or a theme then just let us know!
The Frog & Jam Jar are well equipped to serve draught lager or cider and have a comprehensive list to choose from.
Your guests simply choose from your selection of drinks, and pay as they go!

Pre-Paid Bar (if you’re feeling generous)

This is the same as a cash bar, but allows you to put a pre-agreed amount of money behind the bar. Once this runs out you can either top it up or we can then let guests pay as they go.

Token bar

You purchase a select number of tokens that your guests can exchange for drinks. Once they have used up their tokens, they begin to pay as they would for a cash bar. This allows you to manage the amount of free drinks any one person receives (because we all have that one friend!)

Bar Menu

We will work with you to create an individual drinks menu to suit your event. You can choose the drinks you want from the comprehensive list we provide.